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Foote Athletic Complex

Foote Athletic Complex


Mill Bay, BC

The Foote Athletic Complex exemplifies programmatic alignment with the proposed project. In particular, field sport-oriented support spaces, as well as accommodation of public/celebratory event space. The siting of this complex illustrates the criticality of engaging with the activities of sport, aligning proximities for athletes as well as views and overlooks for spectators. Thoughtful incorporation of key considerations including durability, cleanability and quality, delightful spaces were at the forefront. Details include the development of flex changerooms to support multi-gendered and specific-gendered tournaments, large and small teams, equipment storage and equipment cleaning, and ease of access are all hallmarks of this world-class venue. While catering to the independent school community, the complex is also available to the public through rental opportunities, so considerations of access and flexibility in control for the public are also considered

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