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About Us

Founded by Christine Lintott in 2009, CLA is a focused, award-winning firm with a history of delivering meaningful projects that support real change in the communities we serve.

We are today a tightly integrated team of practitioners who share a passion for creativity, collaboration and robust environmentally sound designs.

Collectively, we seek to foster an innovative, regional architecture that strengthens the communities in which we work through an integrated design process that responds to our client's needs and listens to the local narrative.

We provide full Architectural service at all stages of the building-making process from Master Planning initiatives to Architectural Design and Construction Administration.

Our portfolio of work is broad and resilient, servicing the needs of clients in the non-profit, public and private sectors at all scales and typologies. The common thread is our commitment to the community and the opportunity to support change while remaining accountable to the people who will inhabit the places we design.





Our studio's work is steeped in place, resolving human-environmental challenges through the lens of site-specific ecology - both natural and cultural. We see every project that we are involved with as an opportunity to positively impact the site and the healthful experience of the people who use it. We are fundamentally committed to regenerative design and have extensive experience in a wide variety of sustainability protocols, including LEED®, WELL®, the BC Step Code, and the Living Building Challenge.


Our studio embraces techniques and technologies which allow for communication at all stages of the design and delivery process. We are both innovators and enablers and take pride in facilitating active participation from our clients and their key stakeholders at every step of the building-making journey.

We are a company of values. We use these as a lens through which we examine ourselves, our work and our relationships and actively seek out opportunities to advance these aspirations:

To support and strengthen the communities in which we work.

To reflect the full depth of the communities in which we work

To reduce disparity within our community by increasing opportunities for access to safe affordable housing, education and amenities

To go beyond mandated sustainability goals and seek deep green solutions over long timespans

To consider interventions within the context of a whole ecosystem that includes environmental, social, cultural and political components and seek solutions that bring about healing at all levels of engagement

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