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Brentwood College School Visual Arts Centre

Brentwood College School Visual Arts Centre


Mill Bay, BC

The Visual Arts Centre at Brentwood College School houses the social sciences and visual arts programs. Interstitial spaces have been designed with the same care and intention as the classrooms, adding value to the entirety of campus. The building's central corridor is abundantly daylit and serves as an art gallery and access for classrooms and studios. This corridor also serves as the lungs of the building, the exhaust mechanism for drawing air from perimeter vent-rows and windows, automated and manually controlled. The building's campanile serves as the campus clock tower while disguising the heat recovery unit extracting heat from exhaust air and returning it to the building. In the cooling season, warm air accumulates in the upper volume and is exhausted from clerestories through automated openers. The form of the spine roof speaks to airflow and movement - a gentle curve and flow derived from a series of composite trusses along its length. The trusses are composed of paired glulam top chords tensioned with a steel cable, the king-post is constructed of 4 sheets of laminated glass.

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