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Shima Tajarloo


CLA works closely in collaboration with the University of Victoria’s Visualization Lab. Together we explore ecological design and the integration of design practices with ecological realities.

Shima has worked as an architect and landscape architect and is interested in designing from 'place', finding herself in between design, urban ecology, and cultural legacies. Designing from place is a methodological approach that enlivens our memories and senses, rooted in land legacies.

She is currently pursuing her PhD in Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria under the supervision of Dr. Eric Higgs where she is exploring ecological restoration of urban ecosystems through architectural practice emphasizing the significance of regenerative design principles.

She is looking into meaningful pathways and tools to narrate the story of place with the use of historical archival data. Collaborating with CLA, Shima aims to bridge the gaps between academia and practice by testing out design experiments informed by science, to draw a strong tie between culture and nature.

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