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Norwalk, CT, USA

With a commitment to deep green regenerative design and a proclamation of values, the 23,000-square-foot HMTX World Headquarters combines leading-edge building science and materials research, with a love for the arts and nature to underpin the company’s pursuit of innovation. Targeting full Living Building Challenge (LBC 3.1) certification, the project is one of the most healthful explorations of architecture on the planet. In operation, the building invests regeneratively in the site and surrounding ecosystem, by delivering more energy and water than it consumes, while supporting indigenous flora and fauna as an urban refuge. Biophilic experiences and connections are integral to the building and program, inviting guests and occupants to engage with natural elements, contemplative and restorative spaces, and dialogue between interior and exterior environments. From views and access to an expansive green roof, living walls, and lushly restored landscape, the building invites experiences intended to infuse visitors with well-being and serve as an ecologically conscious precedent informing the industry.

Through an integrated design process, CLA contributed to production drawings and millwork detailing, research and administration of Materials and Health & Happiness Petals, in collaboration with McLennan Design—the Prime Consultant, and a host of industry partners.

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